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"Where Will YOU Be
Five Years From Now?"

Imagine this: You take 15 seminars over a 3-year period, just to find yourself $60,000 poorer, 3 years older and still haven't built ANY wealth!

You just realized that you are still not sure what you are doing!

Don't feel bad, MOST people are like that!

What if you could start all over and have a PLAN!

What if you could laser-focus and build TRUE wealth and KNOW EXACTLY where you are heading!

What if you KNEW what to spend your hard-earned money on and avoid all the fluff!

What if you KNEW how to build TRUE wealth?


What is the cost of not planning? Ask any seminar junkie!!! We're talking about YOUR LIFE!

To build Wealth, you need to have a strong foundation. You need to see the "Big Picture." You need to build a blueprint created for YOU.

Most people refuse to "waste time" with planning - they just jump from one seminar to another, not sure what it is they want.

I got news for you:


What is the result of planning?

Imagine this: You own businesses that operate without you, you own income properties (with hundreds of apartment units) that are managed by a third party, you own websites that are on "auto-pilot" and all these generate passive income for you to live the life you dreamt of.

Does that seem like a "dream" - like wishful thinking?
Think again!

In a manner of a few years, I went from working for money to making my money work for me.

I developed businesses, purchased income properties and built websites that put money in my pocket every month.

I learned to develop passive income streams from various sources that allow me to live the lifestyle I currently do.

THAT is the result of planning!

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Donald Trump recently said that not everyone is meant to be a real estate investor!

Some people I know were offended. But I agree with Mr. Trump 100%! I have seen it with my own eyes. Some people are just NOT meant to be real estate investors. PERIOD.

On the other hand, some people are just not meant to be business owners.

Others LOVE their jobs, and others are just not meant to do anything else but their job!

You see, we are ALL different!

You need to know this up front.

Some people can keep their job, make their money work for them and have enough investments to retire. Others are meant to be the "rain makers" (people that bring in money and deals) and cannot live behind a cubicle!

Some people dream of traveling the world while their investments generate enough to fund their lifestyles.

EVERYONE though needs to be building wealth - their own way!

And that is PRECISELY why the DISCOVER WEALTH Workshop was created. It is meant to be the very first step to building wealth - the step that allows you to PLAN your path to financial freedom - whatever that might mean to you.

What if you had a MASTERMIND team that worked together to elevate your skills and knowledge, and worked closely together on your journey to building wealth.

What if you had a step-by-step map to get YOU to financial freedom?

What if you had 90-day agenda to take you from where you are to being ready to build wealth?

What if you knew EXACTLY what seminars to take to reach your goals? (If I hear you say "I have taken so many seminars, I don't want to take anymore, then look in the mirror and say "I should have had a plan!" - that is PRECISELY why this workshop was created)!

Discover Wealth Workshop does all the above for you. You will KNOW exactly where you are, where you want to be, and the steps to get there.

Most people are learning EVERYTHING under the sun - one day they are at a real estate rehab seminar, one day at an apartment seminar, another day at a buying businesses seminar, then another at pole dancing seminar (that was a joke)!

Let me tell you this...

When I first started building wealth, it was difficult. I "screwed up" over and over again until I finally got it! I realized I needed experts around me to make me succeed. I was trying too hard to learn everything! Big mistake!

I needed to learn to leverage other people's expertise to build wealth - yes that REQUIRES MONEY! No free ride! But it was SO WORTH IT...

For example, I now have businesses being run by experts in the various fields. I have a smaller ownership percentage, but now I don't have to work. They do all the work, and I am rewarded by that financially.

Here are things YOU need to recognize...

The FIRST STEP is to recognize that most people work for money. We trade hours for dollars. That needs to change. We only have so many hours per day and can only earn so much per hour. That caps our earnings. By you attending all these seminars, you are learning skills to trade your time for money...

The SECOND STEP is to start thinking about leveraging other people's time and earning money off of their time. For example, if you had 2 employees earning $15 per hour, but are generating $60 per hour for you, you are leveraging their time to build wealth.

The THIRD STEP is to start grouping those people into businesses and building a business foundation for them to succeed.

How do you do that?

This 2-day workshop introduces you to various ways to do that.

This is an INTRODUCTORY class that covers various sources of income for you. It gets you thinking about how to start making your money work for you instead of you working for your money.

Your journey to wealth starts with this 2-day workshop.

"I attended the Private Lending Mastery Course. This course was FANTASTIC. It opened my eyes to new ways of making money. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to make money the easy way in Real Estate! Thank You George for sharing your knowledge with me."

Kirk Fayard

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Imagine receiving checks on a regular basis, from income properties, private lending, businesses, websites etc. Your job includes the following:

  1. Review financial's of the businesses (with the help of an expert)
  2. Meet quarterly with the various people running the businesses
  3. Get regular updates from the businesses

You see, as a wealth-builder, you learn to BUILD AN ENGINE that can function without you. You then "manage" the engine:

  • Anything that breaks needs to be fixed
  • Anything that is inefficient needs to be looked at
  • Anything that under performs needs to be investigated

We cover all this in this workshop.

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So here is what YOU need to do:
1) If you have been unsuccessful, take responsibility for not planning and decide you are starting with a CLEAN SLATE. Recognize life is all about lessons.

2) COMMIT to playing at 100% - no "I will try this" or "hopefully this will work" attitude. Commit to playing to win!

3) Register for the class with the mindset that you are coming to build a foundation to take you to the next level.

If you are like most people too "busy" making others wealthy, then ask yourself this "When do you want to start making YOU wealthy?"

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I want you to recognize something.

Ask ANY older person (75+ years old) what would they change if they went back in time, knowing what they know. Here are the 3 most common answers (in no order):

  1. Live life to the fullest
  2. Don't take yourself too seriously. Enjoy life
  3. Build more wealth (some say "save more money" or "make more money").

This is YOUR chance to live your life the way you could shape it knowing what you know.

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PS: Avoid the fear of making a firm decision. Your first step to wealth is getting over the fear of making firms decisions - either "yes" or "no" - avoid sitting on the fence with "let me think about it."

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